About Miranda

In 2011 an inspirational woman introduced Miranda Chance to Rites of Passage (R.O.P) headed by the internationally renowned expert in adolescent development & Rites of Passage,
Dr Arne Rubinstein who is the founder of Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training.

During her development as a ROP facilitator, an activation occurred and her passion for creating modern and dynamic Rites of Passage work was set alight.

Inspired to support young women of the world Miranda has built a knowledge base through her work with Dr Arne Rubinstein and is dedicating her time to being an Ambassador of Rites of Passage, designing & writing programs, running retreats, collaborating with Future Dreamers and being involved with a modern approach Rites of Passage within Australia and abroad.

“If life is a great tapestry, then rites of passage is the fibre, our community is the pattern and our stories are the colours,” says Miranda Chance, founder of Teens to Queens program.

Previously an Eco Fashion designer , Miranda’s essence has always been driven by finding solutions and making the world a better place.

Founding Modern Rites in 2016  – Miranda embarks to make the connection from our ancient ways with the modern and fast paced ways of today. It is her mission to share the gifts and discoveries of Rites of Passage with young women of the world.