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A chance to go eco in style with award winning CHANCE designs

Trailblazing Australian label CHANCE is proving that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Using up-cycled denims and leathers to create a range of beautiful and distinctive bags & clutches.

sideBehind the creations of CHANCE is Australian designer Miranda Chance. Her first collection was born out of a wanting to fuse her passion for design with her strong eco-ethic, the object to create beauty without burden.

iz“I create the ideal bag for the woman who is socially conscious and wants to do her bit for the environment and not compromise her love of the earth, yet equally considers herself a style maven – despite this she is not defined by either and wants to be unique in herself and the bag she chooses to wear.” Miranda Chance, Designer, CHANCE.

Enjoying the reaction of the peoples response when they are told the bags are handmade from 100% up-cycled denim combined with old leather jackets or naturally dyed leather.

The outcome of this stylish eco collection is a surprising and refreshing frontrunner approach to making eco fashionable without skimping on details of her modern-classic designs.

CHANCE is weaving the fusion between fashion and ecology – offering conscious consumers an alternative to the mass produced and resource intensive bags which fill the shops one day and landfill the next. CHANCE breaks the cycle of ‘throw-away’ fashion and instead offers an ecologically progressive and fashion forward product that deserves to be in every econista’s wardrobe.

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Livia Firth of eco-age stocked Chance Bags at in 2013.

International winner of the 2010 GAP/Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge CHANCE is fast gaining recognition from both the fashion and eco communities alike, CHANCE bags are handmade from up-cycled denim and leathers giving them a texture and patina of that favourite piece which can only come from wear and love. Similarly, the dyes are extracted from Mahogany & Indian Almond Leaves bringing fashion back down to earth.

press3“Nobody was surprised when Miranda Chance snagged the grand prize in our Recycled Denim Challenge for her deftly woven saddlebag.

By transmuting castoff jeans and leather jackets into objects of newfound desire, the aptly christened Chance gives landfill-bound materials a fighting chance on terra firma. Despite their Down Under roots, the carryalls are the epitome of all-American utility–rugged yet elegant, classic yet contemporary, with personality to spare.

Jill Fehrenbacher, Editor in Chief of &

CHANCE is paving the way for a new era of eco-fashion.

Recycled materials, ethical business practices and a strong design vision drive this innovative label to create beautiful pieces made for showing off.

Miranda Chance grew up near Byron Bay in Australia, a world away from the catwalks of Milan and the glare of studio lights where from her late teens to mid twenties she worked as a model and then an actress. It was here in the creative swirl of energies Miranda discovered her passion for the business of design.


Seeking inspiration and direction she paid her dues working for Australian creatives and designers who allowed her to experience the demands and disciplines of the design industry before taking the leap into independence.

Armed with experience and ethics and a desire to create beauty without burden from readily available up- cycled resources Miranda has launched her own collection called CHANCE which is available here in Australia and now in New York.


“The hardest thing for me to get where I am to today
has been to believe in myself and trust my own decisions –
I had to rock some boats – even jump off a few.
This can be terrifying to stand in the face of the void and say
‘I’m doing this because it feels right’.”